Serving Capital-Project Investors for a Quarter Century

Zeus Development Corporation ensures lenders and investors earn the highest returns from their investments in capital projects. The company has assisted more than 50 clients, including strategic and financial investors, assess and handicap projects to identify those that deliver the highest returns.  Founded in 1991, the Zeus team is highly experienced and attuned to what determines project success. 

Project Selection



A project deemed investment grade by Zeus Development Corporation is superior across 21 highly demanding proprietary metrics.  In a typical engagement, Zeus reviews the field of capital projects in the industry or market desired by the client. Those projects of interest are examined and compared to rank their investment merit.  Zeus metrics have been carefully crafted over decades of experience.  Once final investment targets are identified, Zeus assists the client to negotiate investment agreements mutually beneficial to the investor and developer.  Zeus oversees project FID, permitting, construction and commissioning on behalf of the investor to ensure successful project completion.